So the day of my anatomy scan (June 22nd) I was so nervous and excited to see our babe on the screen. I was totally prepared they would say “ITS A BOY”.. I don’t know why, but the anticipation was killing me. I am happy as long as the little babe is healthy in there, but I was dying to find out, so I could go shop!

When we got into the room, she lubed up my belly. I said excitedly “We want to know the gender!” the ultrasound tech replied “Well, I can’t tell you that today, its the rules of our hospital. Your midwife will tell you whenever you see her next.”  I said, “Well whoever did ours last time told us with our son, and it was VERY obvious!” She replied with “Well it depends on the tech I guess.” then she continued to tell us this story about how she once told someone they were having a girl, and it ended up a boy.

After 30 mins or so, she goes “what do you think you’re having?” I said “a boy” *she paused* “Well it looks like a girl to me”. I said “WHAT!?! NO!!” She continued to look around, showed us the screen, pointed out “three lines” that looked kinda bulgy to me. She claimed it was swollen girl parts. I was still not believing her (especially after the story she told us right before) so I said: “Please keep looking around!”. She continued to look, carefully, in different angles, she got me to move onto my side. After about 15 mins or so of looking around at the genital area of the baby, she says “Nope looks like a girl”. I’m still in shock laying there, I didn’t see anything that looked like my sons “parts” on the screen though from his 20-week scan. So I said okay, maybe it is just swollen girl parts??  “But remember, You won’t know 100% until birth”.  She says before she walks out the door.

She comes back 15 mins later with some photos of the baby’s profile, tells us baby looks good and healthy and congratulates us.

We left. I couldn’t stop thinking about that story she told us. I was obsessing over it. I googled, I asked friends & fellow moms about the chances of that happening at the 20 week scan etc. Apparently, it’s super common, which I never knew that it was. I’m like okay, so obviously she messed up. Friends & family are trying to reassure me that it’s a girl. I’m still in disbelief.

We told all of our friends & family its a girl, and I don’t want to go the entire pregnancy thinking its a girl if it isn’t. Imagine receiving all pink gifts, buying girly clothes, bows, etc.. and popping out a BOY!!! Eeek.. So I decided we will pick out a boy and girl name, we already have tons of boy stuff if it ended up a boy, and I will buy a few girl things & keep receipts. I told everyone to hold off on buying anything until the babies here.

So here we are, 22 weeks and still super confused. Feeling uneasy about the determination of our babies gender..due to a lot of horror stories, crazy ultrasounds, and my best friend google.

Are we having a little Princess or another little Prince??



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