Breastfeeding through pregnancy



I found out I was pregnant with baby #2 when my son was around 6 months old. Right away I started asking my doctor, my midwife, family, and GOOGLE if it was safe to continue breastfeeding and if my son would suffer from it(low milk supply), or if the baby growing would suffer.

Everyone reassured me it was totally fine, the baby growing would take what they need, and I could still continue breastfeeding my son. Thank goodness. I was so relieved. BUT I was told my milk supply could decrease. I felt this sense of guilt, thinking that I was robbing my son of the nutrients he needed, and I wasn’t ever a fan of formula and wouldn’t ever consider it unless I absolutely HAD to. I thought okay if my supply decreases I’ll have to give him something but I don’t like the commercial store bought formulas, not even the organic ones, the crap they put in those I just didn’t want to do it. I put trust in my body, made sure I ate lots of good fats, protein, and enough calories.

My milk supply ended up fulfilling his needs, I would pump as well to check on it. Around 8 months old my son started to wean himself. Perhaps the taste of my milk had changed, but he still would nurse 3-4 x a day, before bed/in the morning, and 1-2 x night. A lot less than he was before maybe this was normal I don’t know. But slowly it got less and less, now at almost 11 months old, he nurses 3x a day. He sleeps through the night with no milk and just wants some upon waking around 7-8am.  He eats A TON of solids now. He loves food. He likes to eat what we eat. He has 6 teeth now, and more popping through.

We’re still going, even though my nipples are on FIRE, from teeth munching down and pulling on them, and from hormones raging. I plan to continue breastfeeding him until he is ready to wean himself.

We fought through it all.. sore, cracked nipples(that would bleed), mastitis a few times, lip tie, a shallow latch & now pregnancy.

I would have actually loved to tandem breastfeed, I feel like it would have been a special bond between us three. Unfortunately, my son stopped nursing around his first birthday. I was sad for a while to be honest. I guess it was for the best, and I was able to take a break before my next nursling comes along.

I would like to know how long you breastfed your babes until and did you tandem breastfeed? Comment below! 🙂

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