I’m a bit of an essential oil junkie. I started really getting into them last year when I was pregnant with my son. I decided I didn’t want to use pharmaceuticals for anything unless I REALLY needed to. So that’s when my true essential oil journey began…

Anyway, so I discovered my all time favorite is LAVENDER! I honestly love this oil. This summer, and this pregnancy it’s been a lifesaver!!! (It’s safe to use this oil during pregnancy, but dilute it with a carrier oil like coconut oil. I was told by my naturopath not to take any EO’s orally during pregnancy)

Let me tell you why I love Lavender Oil so much, there are SO many uses for it, but some of my personal favorites are…

Heals burns: I burnt my arm badly on the kettle a couple weeks ago, I put my arm under cold water and iced it for an hour or so off and on then I applied 1 drop lavender & a few drops of coconut oil. It didn’t blister, it healed within a week! It was a HUGE nasty burn, that normally would have blistered, I was shocked.

Bug Bites: I was covered in mosquito bites after a hot summer day outside and I applied lavender oil to my bites, within a minute or less the itch was gone, just reapply when needed.

Relaxing: Put a couple drops into your bath, on the soles of your feet before bed, or in your diffuser.. and let your body relax. Some people notice it has the opposite effect on them, so test it out!

Bacteria: A powerful anti-bacterial herb, lavender oil can be mixed with natural surfactants to create more efficient household cleaners.  Use a few drops of lavender oil to clean infected wounds, prevent infection, and promote faster healing. I use lavender oil and water as an anti-bacterial spray/hand sanitizer & also use it to make my own cleaning products & soaps at home.


Comment below with your favorite Essential oil 🙂

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