I am planning my FIRST home birth & I am so excited. I had a hospital birth with my first, and honestly, it was not what I had hoped for. I am glad that my little guy came out healthy, and we were all safe.. but it just wasn’t what I had planned at ALL. With my son, I had thought about home birth, but I was not at all confident in my decision. I was questioning myself, especially being my first, I didn’t know what to expect.

This time…I’m putting faith in my own body, I know what to do, my body, and my baby knows what to do. Birth is natural. I believe the natural thing to do, is to find a place where you feel safe and comfortable to deliver your baby, whether it be at home, at a birthing center(which we don’t have here yet), or at the hospital.

This pregnancy I felt this strong urge to birth at home. I felt it was calling me. I honestly would cry thinking about having to go to the hospital for any reason.. which I am trying to just be neutral INCASE I do have to transfer, I don’t want to be disappointed after.

I am choosing my birthing team carefully. I chose my midwife, she is wonderful I saw her with my first but she wasn’t there to deliver him, the other midwife on that team was. But it’s nice to have a familiar face. She’s very calm and has a good energy about her. Which I really like. I’m not a calm grounded person, so I need that. It is important to me to be surrounded by people who I am comfortable with, and mainly WOMEN. I want that feminine support. I will most likely be having my mom this time, and she will be there for child care if needed, of course, my partner.

I want the birthing pool there as an option for me to go in to, but I may or may not birth in the water. I won’t know until its time. I am just excited to be able to be in our home, and when the babies here we can all snuggle in bed. My son will be here, he can meet his sibling right away, we’ll be here AS A FAMILY. I can shower after in my own shower, get cozy, eat whatever I want etc. I just can’t wait!

Last time I had all these plans of using essential oils, my diffuser, bringing my crystals, music, nice calming lights… yeah none of that happened, I didn’t want music or the diffuser on. So I am just gonna set everything up and then see what I want at the time.

I will share what I actually ended up using during my birth, and what helped me in an upcoming post (after I have the baby)!

What are your must-haves for home birth?? Comment below.

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