Since becoming pregnant (with baby #1), I knew I was going to bed share with my son.. and that we did! For about 6 months. I loved having him right beside me, and it also made nursing SO easy.

He slept in our bed for about 6 months, and then we moved, and we got him a floor bed. I decided to continue sleeping with him, in his own bed. It just made waking up in the middle of the night to nurse a lot easier, I just flipped over pulled my boob out and he nursed himself back to sleep. It wasn’t a hassle.

When my son was 8 months we went to California for a family vacay. I was now over 3 months pregnant and becoming pretty exhausted. So I made the decision when we got home I would start “sleep training” him to sleep on his own. I wasn’t sure how I just knew I was going to do it.

When we got home from our trip, I started off putting him to bed AWAKE. Instead of nursing him to sleep like I usually had, I would nurse him(keep him awake), then put him in his bed to sleep, said goodnight etc.. walked out of the room & shut the door. Sounds cold, I know. But trust me I wouldn’t let my child scream, this was for the better. I felt I had to do it, because having two babies depending on me to sleep with them was going to be nuts, in my opinion. I needed my bed, and I needed a full nights rest.. if possible! So anyway, when I left his room, I went to the monitor, and I can talk through it so I talked to him in a gentle voice, n then put some lullabies on for him. He quieted down, laid his head down, tossed & turned a bit then was asleep within 10-15 mins! Wow. Is it really that easy???  Well, I kept it up, was consistent every night, with the same routine. I wasn’t expecting an overnight miracle or anything. That night he only woke up 2 times to nurse. We kept at it, and eventually he got down to only waking up once between 4/6 am to nurse and he’d go back to sleep till 8 ish! Pretty soon it became so easy.. We’d take a bath, I’d nurse him, he’d pull himself off my boob, and get himself cozy for bed. I would kiss his cheek, say goodnight, and walk out of the room. No fussing, no crying etc.
He would put himself to sleep.

He is now 11 months old, and he sleeps like a champ! I’m so so grateful we did this when we did, and we didn’t need to use CIO method, I never let him scream his head off, or cry alone. He was fussy at the beginning, but because I would talk to him through the monitor and put his music on, he felt comfortable hearing my voice, and he learned to put himself to sleep. WITHOUT tears!!! Woohoo!!  Now I don’t even have to talk to him through the monitor, I do sometimes to just say “time for bed” and he knows the drill. He sleeps 12 hours every night, no waking up to nurse anymore. It’s awesome!!

Since we do the floor bed, he does have the freedom, and independence to roam around his room (which is baby proofed), but I don’t mind. That’s how we’re raising him, we’re trying to follow the Montessori way at home. When he wakes up in the morning, sometimes I’ll wake up to see him playing on his bed quietly. It’s nice. No wake-up calls of screaming.. maybe because he doesn’t feel trapped.

I am hoping this will continue, so far it’s been about a solid 2 months & no issues!

When did your little one start sleeping through the night, and what method did you use?? Comment below 🙂

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