Pablo turned ONE on August 18th, and this momma got all types of feels.. shortly after his birthday he stopped nursing. That’s when it really hit me hard. I would cry looking at him, imagining him as that sweet little newborn who would snuggle under my arm, nurse every couple hours, and just sleep so soundly nestled beside me.

Time flies by, and it honestly is bittersweet. I’m so proud of all the amazing things he can do now (they’re amazing to me).. like walk, say words like “mum” “dada” “no”. He sleeps on his own, so well.. to the point where he kicks me out of his room to go to sleep sometimes lol. He’s just becoming so independent!  Then, another part of me misses that little 8 lb baby who was so dependent on me a year ago.

Ahhh, motherhood.

His beautiful Lion Cake was made by Salt & Sear Catering in Vancouver, BC


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