For mother’s day my BD(baby daddy) told me to pick a place that I wanted to go to. This was going to be our first vacay with us three. I researched like crazy, we had to find somewhere baby friendly, not TOO hot, not rainy(we wanna get away from the Vancouver rain…duh), also somewhere that was “Zika free”.

After I researched immensely we decided on Huntington Beach, California. I personally had never been down there, so I was quite excited. We planned to stay 7 days.

I was slightly nervous traveling with an 8 month old –– Pablo was a little fussy but nothing major! I made sure to bring snacks on the plane. I was still nursing so I would nurse him when we took off and landed & of course whenever he wanted. I will share in another blog post what we packed for our travels with a 8 month old, on the plane and in our suitcases.

We stayed at Pasea Hotel Resort & Spa. So beautiful. Ocean was right across the street, we had a room that had a partial ocean view(everything was sold out when we booked so that’s the best we could get). It was still beautiful though! We went to Disney Land while we were there(It was my first time!! Can you believe it!?), Hollywood, and Beverly Hills. The beach was ginormous, it had giant thrashing waves –– definitely a place for surfers. Not too sure if I’d say the beach was baby friendly though haha.. but we still enjoyed ourselves! Wind and all 🙂

All around I had an amazing time, Pablo did so well! I would say our first family vacay was a success. I loved Huntington Beach, and I totally want to go back when we’re a family of four!

What is your favourite “Zika free” vacation spot??
Comment below 🙂



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