You deserve to feel good.

Shangri-la NYE ’16 – I was pregnant, and didn’t know it yet!

Honestly, I have no shame in sharing that this mama likes to treat herself to massages, facials and more. You best believe when I’m done breastfeeding I’ll be getting Botox again for these tired eyes. Oh yes, I self-indulge. I like to shop. I like to spoil myself. I will eat the whole damn cake if I want to. Why? Well, Because…I deserve it! So do you, mamas!

I am a firm believer in “do what makes YOU happy!” I am all for loving yourself, and I also don’t have a problem with slightly adjusting things that you want to change or enhance. Treating yourself when you can, however, you can even if it’s just a bubble bath with some wine, in SILENCE, alone, or a 1-hour hair appointment.

We’re allowed to do things to FEEL good. If it makes YOU happy, DO IT!!!!! Don’t feel guilty. Life is short. Go to the spa, treat yourself. Buy the shoes. We cannot live our lives doing what makes others happy, or not self-indulging a little(or a lot) lol. I am seriously all for doing things for yourself because honestly as a mom, we give SO much to others and we are constantly thinking of everyone else(our children mainly) before ourselves. Our job is never-ending, it’s 24/7. We deserve a break here n there, to go for brunch with a girlfriend, get our nails done.. do whatever you like to do with that time.

I will be sharing some of my favorite pregnancy/breastfeeding safe treatments you can do to freshen your skin up, & give you a nice glow!!

I personally do not do botox/filler while breastfeeding, and certainly not while pregnant. Majority of the doctors in Vancouver will not treat you anyway. I just don’t want to risk it.

What do YOU do to treat yourself??? Comment below 🙂

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