Pregnancy Must-Haves

When I became pregnant with my son I did so much research, it’s not even funny. I found out what I liked, didn’t like and what I actually found useful. I realize every mama is different, every pregnancy is different so you may not like everything I list here. It’s very personal. I am just here to share with you what I learned going through two pregnancies, and hopefully, it will make YOUR life easier!

My pregnancy must-have list is not that long, but here it is…

A pregnancy pillow – This pillow is BAE. Seriously..I could NOT sleep without it. I used it through both pregnancies, and man oh man.. does it ever help. We went away for a night, I didn’t have it with me. I was dying. I had to stuff a bunch of pillows around me to sleep, and I was tossing & turning all night. The pillow supports your body so you don’t roll in your sleep, since you are not supposed to sleep on your back in pregnancy, and the best position is laying on your left side. It helps with pregnancy aches/pains.

**Warning** This pillow make take your husbands place in bed for a good 9 months.
Haha 🙂


Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth Book – This book is a must read during pregnancy! This book has given me confidence in the fact that my body is capable to birth my baby WITHOUT pain medication, and that I am more than capable to birth my baby where I want..  at HOME. Even if you’re not planning to birth at home, I highly recommend reading this book.


Reading material – If you are not interested in reading Ina May’s books, you should at least buy some pregnancy books, what to expect during pregnancy, birth & postpartum etc.. It’s important to be informed, know our options and to not be in the dark about these things!

Chiropractic care/acupuncture/massage – My body is completely out of alignment when I’m pregnant. I get horrible aching hips, sciatic nerve pain, back pain.. and more. I feel like it’s important to take care of these issues while you’re pregnant. I like to do chiro for my hips & back, acupuncture for my sciatic nerve pain & hormones, massage just because it feels nice. You can also see a chiropractor who specializes in the Webster technique which can help make sure baby is in the proper position for birth. If your body is not in proper alignment sometimes that will cause babies to be breech, or posterior as well so just seeing a chiropractor to fix any issues with your hips/pelvis will be beneficial in the long run!

Acupuncture, you can go to help soften your cervix as you get closer to your due date around 37/38 weeks.. and then you can go to actually naturally kickstart labor if you go over your due date, you probably want to avoid medical induction. I actually went into labor during a session of acupuncture which I’ll share that story in another post.

Massage is just so nice, and relaxing. I think if you can afford it.. go! At the end of pregnancy your body will probably be sore & tired, your baby is coming soon so may as well treat yourself when you can, and massage those achy feet.

Essential oils – I love EO’s. During pregnancy, I use them in my bath, for nausea in the first trimester, for my mood and for those hormonal headaches or if I get a cold. Do not ingest EO’s while pregnant or breastfeeding. Only use in a diffuser, to sniff on a cotton ball, and in your bath. I recommend doing your own research on the safety of EO’s during pregnancy & consult with your midwife or doctor first as everyone is different.

My personal faves are:

Chamomile & Lavender for relaxation. I add a couple drops of each into my bath with a carrier oil (coconut oil), or I’ll diffuse one of them to help me go into a peaceful slumber.

Wild orange & lemon for nausea. I would just sniff them, or diffuse them in my diffuser.

Wild orange or any citrus oil for my mood. They wake you up if you’re feeling tired, and they are uplifting.

I also used peppermint oil with coconut oil for headaches as well. Again, consult with your midwife or doctor first & do your own research on EO safety during pregnancy!

Warm baths – During pregnancy you may feel very achy, and tired up and down throughout. Especially towards the end. I found having warm baths SO nice at the end of pregnancy. If this is your first baby, try to have a bath whenever you can. Seriously. Because soon you will not have the time to have those baths alone, in silence every night. Take advantage of those months you have to yourself awaiting your little one. Put on a face mask, light some candles, grab some kombucha or tea, and relax in the tub girl.. trust me! Enjoy!!

Exercise Ball – I didn’t have one with my first pregnancy, but I borrowed my moms this time. I use it to sit on and bounce a bit. It helps with your posture, your achy hips, and helps to keep your pelvis open for baby to move down into the optimal position for birth. Bonus – you can also use it during labor too!


Red raspberry leaf tea – It has been known that RRL tea helps tone your uterus during pregnancy. It also helps boost your immune system, helps with iron deficiency, helps ease morning sickness, helps to balance hormones postpartum, and helps with milk production postpartum as well! I start drinking it when I hit 30 weeks, but you should consult with your care provider first, as it is a herbal tea, and some recommend to wait until you’re further along. This is this one I used during both pregnancies! Buy it here!


Facials – I like to spoil myself, and take care of myself, as we all should. I think self-care is SO important. Especially during pregnancy, and postpartum. I find my skin gets super dry when I’m pregnant, and I break out from time to time. I know everyone’s skin is different, whether you have dry or oily skin during pregnancy, facials will work wonders! Obviously, they’ll personalize a facial for you, depending on your skin type & I will share in another post which facials I like to do while I’m pregnant. I usually go at least once a month. I always leave feeling refreshed, and my skin looks 10x better after.

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