Postpartum Must-Haves

As I near my due date, I start thinking about the aftermath of birth, and what I need to prep for after, and have on hand. So I decided to do a post on my postpartum must haves for you expecting mamas or mamas who just gave birth.

Mamas, you just gave birth and your body needs to heal. You can’t forget about yourself, although you may be wrapped up in your newborn, and your new life as a mom –– You just went through one of the biggest events in your life, your body went through so much and you need a little extra love. There are some things that I found I really needed after, and that really was helpful to me. I am not sure what I would have done without these things actually, haha.

Here is a list of my postpartum Must-haves!! 

Postpartum bath herbs – This will help with healing your perineum after birth. You may be sore, and swollen down there & you may or may not have had stitches. Trust me. This is something you need. (You can just put 1-2 inches of water in your tub and add the herbs as directed on box, or if you have a sitz bath that works as well!)

Peri bottle – Add warm water to the bottle, and I refilled mine when necessary. I used this for a good 2 weeks or so postpartum with my son. I was terrified to stop using it haha! It honestly was such a lifesaver. It is meant to help if you have torn it prevents it from stinging when you pee! I am sure even if you didn’t tear, and you are just sore, swollen or have a little “rug burn” down there, it could help you as well. I got so much use out of it personally. They usually give you a peri bottle in the hospital, or in your home birth kit. If not, you can buy one super cheap at Walmart, or target. I would squirt it on myself while I went, and I never felt any stinging.

Frozen Pads – These will help with bringing down swelling, and soothe your sore yoni.

What you will need:
Maxi pads, lavender oil, water, a cookie sheet, and a large ziplock bag.

What to do:
Fill your peri bottle with water add a few drops of lavender oil. Shake it & spray the pads with the mixture, do not drench. Freeze your pads on the cookie sheet, and then place into a ziplock bag.

Mama’s Milk Tea – Helps with milk production! I drank this daily after I had my son, along with eating lots of steel cut oats/oatmeal and good fats. We had no issues with milk production. Although we did suffer, as my son had a shallow latch(which I didn’t find out until recently that he has a lip tie, I’ll do a separate post about that). Buy it here!

Meal preps – I found these extremely helpful after having my son. I did not want to cook, and I just wanted to focus on my son and healing. I did not want to do much else for the first month or so. If you can’t fit meal preps into your budget, you can always make food yourself and freeze it!

Comfy nursing tops – I loved wearing baggy, comfy clothing after I had my son. I didn’t wear much else. I had him in the summer so I mainly wore baggy t-shirty etc until winter hit.. then I was living in onesies that buttoned down at the front! Perfect for nursing, just pull the boob out, and voila! We bed shared as well, so I literally just rolled over and latch him on, and we’d both drift back off into slumber.

HELP – Yes.. accept help from friends & family. This is something I did not really do with my first. I was too proud, I said no it’s okay I’m fine. Honestly.. this time I’m accepting help because I know I’ll need it more this time. I will have 2 kids under 2. Allowing someone to come hold the baby while you play with your older child, or take my older child out while I nap with the newborn, or just hold the baby while you shower etc, help clean, bring food… ANYTHING! Accept the help! If you do not have anyone that can come help clean, if you can afford to hire a house cleaning service even once, that will save you too. You need to take it easy, and let your body recoup. You will not want to do anything much after, and you shouldn’t really be doing too much.

Pads(all different sizes) – I bought a pack of maxi pads, overnights, and then smaller ones for when the bleeding subsided. I bled after birth for about 2-3 weeks. I think it depends on the woman, on how much you bleed, and how long. Some women don’t bleed much, others may bleed for a month.

“Granny panties” – Larger, comfy, full-bum underwear. Preferably in darker colours, ones you don’t mind staining and perhaps throwing out after haha.

Nursing bras – I had a variety of underwire nursing bras and ones for sleeping & lounging around the house in. I mainly wore the comfy ones, to be honest. I am all about comfort. You can never have too many. You can go all out and buy expensive ones from maternity stores, or you can buy some cheap, comfy ones from Costco, Walmart, or Target.

Reusable nursing pads – I personally like the reusable nursing pads more, but that’s just me. I used the disposables as well at the beginning when I was leaking non-stop. If you prefer the disposables I used these ones.

Nipple “butter” – For those sore, cracked nipples in the beginning. Breastfeeding hurts most mamas while they’re getting the hang of it but it usually subsides, and sometimes if you have a problem getting a proper latch, or babies got a lip or tongue tie, you may struggle with breastfeeding/latching (like we did).. so this came in handy for us!  The nipple butter was a life saver, hands down!!!

Belly Bandit – I highly recommend one of these belly bandit belts. I loved mine. I used it for months after. I suffered from diastasis recti after I had my son, and my stomach just looked like a pouch for months, and then 5 months postpartum I found out I was preggo with #2.. aha! So I stopped wearing it. I will definitely be wearing it again this time around though, as I did notice a significant difference when I did wear it. It helped me lose the weight, and hold everything in. I lost about 30 lbs within the first month.. and the last stubborn 10 lbs, I never lost, as I ended up pregnant.

Healthy snacks – You can make some lactation cookies, or some protein muffins ahead of time, freeze them & save for after. I liked protein muffins myself. I find they’re handy when you just need a snack, and you obviously want to be eating protein, healthy fats, and something that helps with milk supply is a bonus!

Heating pad – This is a must have for after birth because you will get intense cramping after, and your body may also just be sore in general from labour/delivery. This helped tremendously for back pain as well!

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