Self-Care Routine

I always talk about self-care on my Instagram page. I do not think taking care of one’s self is selfish at all. We, as mamas really have to remember to take time for ourselves. We are so busy taking care of our children, our homes, our businesses …basically being superwoman, that we often forget to take care of ourselves. We are the ones who need the most attention sometimes, even when all we want to do is make sure everyone else is okay. We just want our children and families to be happy, we want our businesses to be successful, but what about our mental health, our well-being? We cannot forget about ourselves. We are holding our families together, we are the ones our children depend on, we are the ones our children look up to, our children see if we are happy, stressed, tired, sickly etc. It is impossible for you to only give, and never take any time to love yourself. Please, if you don’t already promise yourself you will start a self-care routine. Your family and your mind/body/soul will thank you for it!

With that being said… I will share with you all what my self-care routine looks like. Now, I do change it up from time to time. I am consistent though and make sure to always do SOMETHING I enjoy or do something for myself.

Lately, since I am now 38 weeks pregnant with baby number two and I have been really sore, stressed and tired I have been taking a bath by myself before bed, I light candles, I put my birth affirmations on, I dim the lights, and I soak in the bath with some of my favourite essential oils(chamomile & lavender) & my favourite luxury bath soak(I will share what this is in a later post). I get out feeling so relaxed, refreshed, and calm.

I like to go to the nail salon 1-2x a month. I like to treat myself to a gel mani/pedi a couple times a month. Feeling good is part of self-care! I feel good when I have my nails done, at least my toes. It’s always nice to have an hour or so to yourself a couple times a month, get a little foot massage leave with fresh nails & soft feet.

Another little thing I like to do for myself is to get a facial. I like to go once every 6-8 weeks. There are nursing/pregnancy friendly facials as well! Sometimes you may find yourself with oily skin breaking out during pregnancy, or just in general, or some ladies may have dull, dry skin. Whatever your skin is going through, there is a facial for you! I will share in another post my favorite facials & favorite clinic.

Lastly…I like to splurge on myself every once in a while. I usually spoil my son but sometimes mama needs some fur or some new shoes!

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