My Labour Must-Haves

Although this last birth was VERY quick, I was “labouring” for hours prior so I can tell you what I did find useful during labour.

A great support system – This is at the top because without this, I feel I wouldn’t have felt safe. I also needed someone for emergency childcare incase I had to transfer to the hospital, and also just to distract my little guy while I was in labour.

Lots of water/liquids & light snacks –  I ate very light while in labour, and healthy as possible. I didn’t want to throw up, so I avoided greasy foods & anything that would make me feel queasy. I also made a labour-aid with ener-c” powder to sip on.

Exercise/birthing ball – I bounced on this for hours haha.

A yoga mat –  I used this to do some hands/knees positions to encourage baby to be in an anterior position.

Birth affirmations – SERIOUSLY.. these were by far the best thing ever! I’m so glad I did it. I wrote them myself and taped them to my walls. I read them to myself during contractions. Some of my favourites were SO simple but so powerful for me…
“Just breathe”
“I am safe”
“I trust in my body and my baby”
“I can do this”

Proper lighting –  I hung twinkle lights above my bed. LOVED the ambience in the room while labouring and after I had her. I also had my salt lamp lit. Sooo calming!!

Diffuser – Although I didn’t care too much for the essential oils at the time, I did like to diffuse orange essential oil to keep me going!

Comfortable bra – I wore a comfy nursing bra during both of my labours. I thought to myself may as well wear red or a dark colour, since things may get messy haha.

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